Soil health

Maintaining and enhancing the health of soils sits at the very heart of our journey to a more regenerative and resilient farming system.

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Nurture your soil

Anthony Ellis performs soil analysis at Melilot Farm

Four simple soil assessments can be used to analyse soil health:

Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS)

VESS is designed to assesses soil structure based on the appearance and feel of soil. Soil structure is an indicator of soil health based on how ‘aggregated’ the soil is. Aggregation is the crumb-like structure found in biologically healthy soil.

Earthworm Count

Infiltration Rate

Slake Test

Understand your soil

Soil biology, hand holding soil and earthworm

Improve soil biology

The soil is home to vast numbers of organisms that play a critical role in soil function. To improve soil biology, the soil needs to be a hospitable place for these organisms to live and thrive. Our advice on land management will help improve your soil biology—and productivity.

Compacted soil with no cover crop

Improve soil structure

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