Renewable energy on farms

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Wind turbines

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Why move to renewables?

Energy cost

It is widely accepted that fossil fuels will become increasingly expensive and unreliable to exploit. As a result, energy costs are set to significantly increase, while availability will decrease. Fossil fuels will also become more volatile in price and availability. Renewables offer a sustainable way forward.

Environmental cost

Mining and drilling for fossil fuels has a huge environmental cost – one that is increasing as easy-to-access reserves are exhausted. We all have a part to play in reducing our environmental impact. Switching to renewable energy options is part of the solution.

How we can help you

Solar panels


Solar farm projects have been one of the fastest growing areas of the renewable energy market. We have the skills to ensure your project has the best start possible. We can conduct feasibility studies and submit planning applications to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Wind turbines in a field


When it comes to wind turbines, the devil is in the detail. The process can be very profitable but a remote location (450m form your nearest friendly neighbour) and a secure grid connection is essential. We have the expertise to assist, from feasibility studies and planning right through to grid connection.

Anaerobic digestion facility on farm

Anaerobic digestion

We have experience with developing on-farm anaerobic digester schemes up to 500kW. We can help with discussions about grid connection and the right type of anaerobic digestor for your farm.

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