Livestock management and welfare

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Herd of cows on pasture

Ensure animal welfare

Management and welfare made simple

Bull and cow on pasture

Breed choice

There are a multitude of breeds and crossbreeds for different livestock species, and different geographies, climates and production systems call for different breeds. Use our experience to help you decide.

Livestock feeding


Cows graze on herbal ley

Grassland management

How we can help you

Diverse leys

We are great believers in using diverse leys to improve soil health, provide forage through all seasons and offer a varied and high quality diet to livestock. We can help formulate a cost-effective mix that will grow and persist – and is not just ‘diversity for diversity’s sake’.

Grazing management

The way that animals are managed for grazing has a huge impact on soil health and carbon sequestration, as well as vegetation growth and regrowth. Stop reading about regenerative grazing management and let us help you put it into practice.


Your vet should always be your first port of call when you have concerns about sick or injured animals. But good livestock management and good nutrition lead to positive health outcomes – and lower vets’ bills.


Healthy animals in high welfare systems are more productive – and more profitable.

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