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Understanding GHG emissions

In the UK, agriculture, forestry and fishing are the main sources of two of the more powerful greenhouse gases: nitrous oxide and methane.

You need to know what your farm is emitting.

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The carbon cycle
Farm Carbon Toolkit test results

Completing the FCT

The FCT is a highly detailed analysis of all aspects of your farm business – from farm buildings and tractors to livestock and cropping.

We can make the process quicker and less stressful.

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How this helps you

Reducing GHG emissions

Produce high-quality food, enhance farmland biodiversity and reduce associated GHG emissions by making adjustments to the way your business operates.


Farmer-to-farmer support and information sharing is an effective means for ‘best practice’ dissemination and enabling on-the-ground action. Be part of the FCT community.


Farm management changes to reduce GHG emissions can benefit farm profitability and the marketability of farm produce in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

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