Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an ongoing journey, not a destination. With many years of practical experience, SWFC can help you to implement the key principles of regenerative management.

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What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is an ongoing process rather than an end point. Different farms will start the process in different places. Understanding the starting point and monitoring the results of changes over time are an essential element of regenerative management. Changing practice is one thing: demonstrating positive outcomes is quite another.

Our five pillars

Five pillars underpin our work towards developing and maintaining regenerative agricultural systems in the UK:

  • Maintaining permanent soil cover

  • Reducing tillage

  • Increasing diversity above and below ground
  • Integrating high welfare, pasture-based livestock
  • Reducing harmful inputs

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Find out how we can help you implement these regenerative principles on your farm.

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