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  • Categories: Agronomy, Featured, News

    By Anthony Ellis

    At the beginning of August, the Environment Agency issued new guidance on spreading manure on agricultural land. Anthony Ellis looks at the detail.

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  • Landscape view of farm field in the Tamar Valley

    SWFC is excited to be involved in a new Farming in Protected Landscapes project that will allow farmers in the Tamar Valley AONB to access a new funding channel.

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  • Plant sap analysis
    Categories: Agronomy

    Crop nutrition is traditionally driven by soil nutrient analysis. This works well to establish the range of nutrients available to the plant. But are the plants able to access and take up these nutrients?

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  • Wintex 2000 hydraulic soil sampler
    Categories: Soil

    South West Farm Consultant's new and innovative soil sampling service is a cost-effective way to determine the ongoing impacts of your land management on soil carbon and soil health.

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  • Groundswell, June 2021
    Categories: News

    For some, it was a chance to get away from the farm for a couple of days and to catch up with friends; for others, a chance to check out the latest technological offerings from some of the biggest manufacturers.

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  • Silage analysis
    Categories: Animal Nutrition

    With variations in both silage quality and quantity, the targeted use of correct ingredients in the ration will be the only way to ensure that margins are maintained.

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  • Dr Tim Daley of Plymouth University performs a soil test
    Categories: Discussion, Soil

    Understanding the role bacteria and fungi play in the soil biome is vital for farmers to optimise nutrient availability, plant health and carbon sequestration.

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