Animal nutrition

We advise on diets for all ruminants—at all stages of production. Whether you have high yielding dairy cows or low input sheep, we can help.

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Animal nutrition, dairy cows feeding

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Animal nutrition made simple

Cows feeding


Poor feed = poor output. A bad diet leads to poor production and poor profitability. We can help you get it right from the start.



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How we can help you

Better profitability

We can identify when the cost of extra feed to achieve extra output outweighs the benefits. Let us balance the diet – and maximise your profit.

Healthier animals

Providing a quality, balanced diet optimises output, reduces veterinary costs and helps keep livestock in peak condition.

Better forages

We can advise on diverse herbal leys that not only deliver more with every mouthful, but help improve your soil health, too.

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