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Wheat crop

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Developing a sustainable rotation, picking the most suitable crop and selecting the right variety will make all the difference to the final yield. We work with you to deliver the best solution for your land.

Soil nutrient management

Soil nutrient management

Combine and tractor cropping in a field

Environmental obligations

How we can help you


We can help you find and purchase the right piece of equipment for the job in hand and assess its performance and suitability in different conditions.

Meeting standards

We’ll ensure that the food you produce will meet the required standards for farm assurance, organic or any other programme you need—at each stage of the supply chain.

Save time

Improve crop outputs

The right crop in the right field with the right inputs gives the best yield and return. We take a balanced approach to inputs—we’ll assess the cost/benefit before advising you on the right course of action.

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